Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash

I wish I could turn back the clock
and start again.
Or even better,
become a different person
with a different life.

But then I would lose you,
the one thing I know to be good.
Maybe you could come with me.
We could walk out our door and just go.
Throw our phones away,
hitchhike and see where that takes us.

No need to think about how.
If we just left and started over,
just you and me,
I’d stroke your face
from your ear to your jaw. …

Beautiful! I too enjoy watching the happiness of birds. It gives me a lot of much needed peace.

I've also started taking photos of them and using an app to identify what kind of bird they are too. I'm fascinated by how many different kinds there are.

The Day One app is probably one of my favorites. It has amazing features and is just so beautifully designed.

I use it for personal journaling but also for my writing. I tend to write it there and then copy paste it into Medium.

I've also used it for tracking my mood and also health tracking.

I've tried both Omnifocus and Things, along with several To Do apps that have since shuttered (Wunderlist, Producteev, and Astrid). I loved Astrid and was sad when it was acquired by Yahoo and then almost immediately shut down.

However, the to do app I keep coming back to is ToDoist. That's not to say that there are not other amazing ones. I think choosing productivity apps definitely comes down to personal preferences.

Caitlin O'Halloran

Lately, I have been writing mostly poetry. (I’ve been taking poetry classes for the past couple of years). But I also plan to write more essays and articles.

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