Did you get this message too? I’m confused about if they want this to also be a place where we share short things like we do on Twitter.

I’m going…

Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash

Frantically searching online
for something to do,
somewhere to be.

So many events
for the most obscure things,
Corgi Owners Meetup, Single Accountants Ages 29–39,
Let’s Meet Up to Draw the Moon!

I just want to find something
that will make me happy.
Something that will make me feel
like I actually belong here
in this city,
in this world.

I wonder if I need to change myself,
find new hobbies,
wear different clothes,
dye my hair.

But these are all surface level changes.
What I need is a reckoning,
where I face everything I hate about myself
and either accept those…

A Millennial writer’s take on publishing writing online

Photo by dogherine on Unsplash

I miss how the internet used to be. There was less content, sure. But the content that was up there felt so magical. Almost everything I read seemed intriguing.

People put their words online not knowing if anyone would see it. Or maybe millions of people would see it. And it didn’t matter what you looked like. The writing stood for itself.

Things were more anonymous then. Back then, everyone told you not to put your real face or real name on the internet. All we were supposed to say was A/S/L, or Age, Sex, Location.

I remember typing in…

Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash

The rush of sound
when I emerge
from beneath the water,
throw my head back
and swoop my hair into place.

I tell my mother to watch again
as I dive back in, to turn upside down,
and back around again.

In the pool,
I put on my best performance.
So many somersaults
that when I finally launch myself up again,
I gulp the air hungrily.

This is the summer
before high school
when I will meet a boy
and think I’ve fallen in love with.
Where I will daydream
about his blonde hair,
tips lightened from the sun.


Caitlin O'Halloran

Lately, I have been writing mostly poetry. (I’ve been taking poetry classes for the past couple of years). But I also plan to write more essays and articles.

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